Face verification for seamless authentication

Access market-leading technology to achieve higher conversion rates and instant customer identity verification – without lowering your security standards. 

Face verification with biometrics and AI
Face verification with biometrics and AI

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Learn how face verification works and how it can be used to verify identity.

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Face verification solution for identity verification and KYC compliance
prevent fraud

Know real customers with confidence

Face verification solution for identity verification and KYC compliance

Our powerful anti-spoofing and verification technology allows you to automate identity verification and have the confidence that only genuine customers can pass your checks.

Superior performance

Online face verification faster than ever before

Verification in seconds

Reduce false negatives and retain customers by ensuring genuine users get through swiftly.

Highest Accuracy Available

Dial down false positives and avoid incorrect customer matches made by 2d systems.

GDPR Compliant

Customers data is fully anonymized and protected with world-class encryption.

End customer experience

Make identity verification effortless

Get more information with less friction. Delight customers with a faster and simpler user experience that gets your entire compliance process covered.

Face verification solution for fast customer identity verification

The right solution for the right use cases

  • Customer Authentication

    Automate and accelerate the authentication procedure and lower the abandonment rate, while keeping fraudsters away.

  • Remote Customer Onboarding

    Don't stop your customers from doing business with you. Allow remote onboarding without sacrificing compliance or customer experience.

  • KYC and AML compliance

    Check document ownership and prove physical presence of the client. Simplify compliance and reduce costs.

  • Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

    Stop fraud before it happens. Accept only truthful customers by detecting authentic documents and their genuine owners.

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Start and scale automation with your custom build flow

Build the identity verification flow that is right for you and your local reality. Get the flexibility and performance you need to stay KYC/AML compliant and automate processes for better business results.

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