identity verification software

We bring trust in the person behind the screen so ...

Identity fraud becomes a thing of the past.

Anyone from anywhere can safely access services

Comply with regulations, no matter the geography

It all started in 2015 when we forgot 😓
the login credentials to the banking app...

After a long call with the support agent and answering questions about pets and their

names, we started to wonder …


Can online identity verification be less complicated while still secure?

Using our passion ❤️ for AI and biometrics
we created faster, stronger and friendlier

ways to verify identity.

identity verification software SDK

A no-code graphic builder for all your customer journeys. Bringing you confidence from onboarding and beyond.

identity verification software KYC

Online identity verification was quickly loved by everyone.

I was dreaming of the day anyone could open accounts from their house. We are 50% more productive now.

Miriam -

Banking Operations at Neo Bank

bank employee

I can verify my identity in under 3 minutes. This is next level user experience!

Darius -

Client at a Crypto Trading Company


Integrated in an afternoon, not months.

Adam -

CTO at a Ridesharing Company

KYC specialist

Our operations scaled 3 times faster without compromising the quality of our checks. 

Tiago -

KYC Specialist at a Payment Solution

We’re changing the way businesses operate

Stop fraud attempts with 99% efficiency,

Allowing more digital operations and automate 95% of your processes.

Making regulatory compliance simple.

Giving freedom to customize.

identity verification software

Our technology empowers humans

We believe that technology should be humane. It should empower users without exploiting them. Our business decisions are guided by our Ethical AI Principles.

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