identity verification software

The identity infrastructure platform

Automate end-to-end compliance journeys and significantly reduce your client processing time.

identity life-cycle
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Automated decision making for KYC compliance

Set up journeys without a single line of code

Build automated identity verification flows and see your process efficiency skyrocket.

Flow Builder

Build the user journey that your business needs.

Decision Tree

Build flows with automated actions and decisions.


Save time with pre-built templates.

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identity verification process

Monitor processes and hold in-depth investigations

Scale your operations and process many clients simultaneously. Evaluate flagged cases and order extra checks any time it’s necessary.

INCREASE team efficiency

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identity verification dashboard

Use data to evaluate and expand operations

Get complete information on all events and activities in one dashboard.

SUPPORTS Better business decisions

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SDK customisation

Deliver a branded experience without an extra cost

Align the platform, the user flows, and SDK to the brand you want. Chance icons, colors, fonts, and logos in just a few clicks.

IMPROVES Customer experience

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identity verification collaboration

Break the silos between your teams

Bring your team together in a tool they’ll love to use. Create functions, assign roles and manage work load.

SIMPLIFIES complex team structures

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identity verification billing

Know your numbers with a truly transparent pricing

Get to know your operation’s cost with a clear pricing breakthrough that shows you the loops where you can save money.

AVOID Revenue loss



Lower deployment costs and complexity

We’ve made things easy for you. With only one integration, you can access the market’s leading technologies without the need to handle any other tools.


15+ technologies

Web, Android & iOS SDK

secure data certifications

Your most sensitive data is safe

Everything on Biometrid is end-to-end encrypted and safely stored or delete. We use high security standards and protocols trusted by international accreditation institutions.

Security and compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
Identity verification KYC case study

Creating a competitive advantage
with remote account opening

Automated identity verification improved the efficiency of the KYC process while reducing internal labor costs and offering more reliable results.

4x more accounts


78% less time spent

on document handling

Learn how you can simplify your compliance operations in minutes