Voice recognition for
contact centers

Instantly verify your caller’s identity and drive customer satisfaction, while lowering fraud attempts and improving your business results. 

Leading technology performance:

Polygon is member of the Biometric Institute
Polygon's solutions meet the NIST standards and recognition
Voice recognition for customer identity verification in call centers

Your contact center to do list:

Speed up handling time

Know the caller’s identity within the first second of the conversation and allow agents to focus on solving their problem faster.

Avoid fraud calls at all costs

Stop fraudulent calls like contract denial or identity theft calls. Detect fraud before it happens and save money lost on fraud losses.

Implement KYC procedures

Implement KYC procedures without affecting the customer experience or your agent’s performance and productivity. 

Optimize operational costs

Keep fraudsters out of your platform and avoid fraud losses. With our strong technology, you can allow only the genuine users to access your platform.

World-wide recognized technology performance

We obsess over accuracy and precision. That’s why our voice recognition technology is recognized internationally for its superior performance and it’s known for the top performance against other technology providers.

  • Text dependent voice recognition

    The caller can choose their own passphrase or select from a predetermined list.

  • Text independent voice recognition

    Voice recognition seamlessly performed during a live call using 10-20 seconds of normal conversation or from a pre-recorded audio sample.

  • Speaker diarization

    Separate multiple voices in different auto files for a faster processing.

  • Speed of 1:N identification

    Scan voices against a known fraudsters database in real-time with impresive speed of 1000 comparisons per second.

Verify caller's identity in seconds

Have certainty of the caller’s identity and make it possible to replace the long and unsecure identification steps with a simple and fast process powered by AI and biometrics.

how voice recognition works in a call center

Mitigate fraud losses

Profitable fraud protection solution

Put a stop to contract denial fraud and know when you are dealing with a bad actor. Know who your caller is and have proofs to fights friendly frauds. 

How to use voice recognition in call centers to reduce fraud

Drive results and accelerate performance

Skip friction KBA methods and know immediately who your caller is. Let your agents focus on solving the callers problems and see your performance metrics improve.


Reduce operational costs

Optimize costs by stopping fraud before it happens and shortening the time spend with each client, by skipping long identification procedures.

Lower handling time

Allow agents to solve customer’s problems right away and save their time from unnecessary identification procedures.

Power customer satisfaction

Offer your customers immediate and personalized treatment that will improve the call experience and drive customers satisfaction.

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Compliance at the core

Polygon's solutions are ISO 27001 certified for security and quality
Polygon's solutions are ISO 9001 certified for security and quality

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