Smarter and faster ID document verification

Replace manual work with automated, AI-driven document verification. Improve speed and increase customer experience.

Automated identity document verification with AI and biometrics
ID document authenticity check

prevent fraud

Check document authenticity and validity

ID document authenticity check

Block fraud attempts and automate manual processes with high certainty. AI and Machine Learning can verify government-issued documents by checking security features, decoding MRZ, and comparing extracted data.

Get the benefits

Verify more documents with less manual work

Security is a given

Ensuring the legitimacy of a document is the basis to creating a trustworthy relationship with your customer.

Lower operational costs

Increase the speed of your onboarding process. Being able to say yes quicker and to more people is the key to growth.

Global coverage

Easy for you to integrate and for your customers to have the best user experience. Fast and reliable across devices.

It's simple to become your client with the ideal experience

Get more information with less friction. Delight customers with a faster and simpler user experience that gets your entire compliance process covered.

User experience flow for document verification

The right solution for the right use cases

  • Age verification

    Know the true age of your customers without hurting conversion rates. Date of birth extraction keeps your business reputation protected.

  • Remote Customer Onboarding

    Don't stop your customers from doing business with you. Allow remote onboarding without sacrificing compliance or customer experience.

  • KYC and AML compliance

    Check document's validity and extract predefined information to simplify compliance, reduce costs and improve customer's experience.

  • Detection of fraudulent documents

    Stop fraud before it happens. Accept only truthful documents by detecting digital manipulation of ID images, content, photos and more.

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Start and scale automation
with your custom build flow

Build the identity verification flow that is right for you and your local reality. Get the flexibility and performance you need to stay KYC/AML compliant and automate processes for better business results.

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