Age verification that
you can trust

Verify your user’s age in seconds and comply with ever-changing regulations.

Keep compliance on check

Automated solution that keeps you compliant with industry regulations for age restricted products and services.

Converts users faster

Don’t let age verification become a churn point. Make verification fast and easy.

Easy to scale, fast to launch

Enter new markets and launch fast with our global document coverage and flexible integration options.

How we help you grow compliantly

Know real age in seconds

It takes less than 1 minute to verify the true age of any user. We extract the birth date from validated identity documents and match them to real users.

Verify age without borders

It is easy for everyone to become your customer. We have global coverage of 248 territories and more than 10k documents that will help you stay compliant and verify users no matter their origin.

identity verification flow builder

Convert users faster

From initial to completion, guide your customers through simple verification flows. With simple to use SDK you can add your design to keep users engaged with your brand.

Set up age verification journeys without code

Add steps, conditions, and complex functions that fit your business needs. Stop wasting time on building, launching, and iterating.

safe data ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Security at our core

We use strict protocols that ensure the highest security standards certified by international regulators, so you and your clients stay safe.

Integration for everyone

We made integration flexible so it can fit your needs and requirements.

integrate identity verification
Full scale

Have your team completely customize how our API and SDK interacts with your existing system and leverage existing tech components you already have.

integrate identity verification

Copy and paste

Whether you have IT skills or not, integration is as simple as grabbing a piece of code and pasting it on your website or application.

identity verification integration full scale

Ready to trusts users age?