Quality & Information Security Policy


We recognize the value of information and privacy and have therefore implemented an information security management system to control all our efforts towards information security.


Providing services of information security for development, integration, implementation and technical support of digital identity management solutions, namely using multimodal biometric technologies.

This policy applies to the entire organization within the scope of activities related to all the processes described in the Management Systems Overview.


BIOMETRID is a Portuguese technology company specialized in the development of multimodal biometric solutions for the internet and mobile phones. We also develop different communication solutions, all with the same purpose of meeting the needs of our customers and easily integrating our biometric technologies in an innovative and disruptive way.

We seek to be a reference in our area of ​​operation and return value to our customers. In this sense, we invest in the implementation of regular practices, where information, associated with appropriate and safe use, is considered an essential component for the quality and success of our work.

With this purpose and goal in mind, Biometrid has developed guidelines and action strategies to guide and strengthen the organization’s processes and align its stakeholders with the implementation of the QISMS requirements and thus, ensuring that the business operates in an ethical and safe manner over time.

Quality and information security must therefore be applied in all phases of the company’s life cycle and everyone is responsible for compliance: leadership, employees, partners and other stakeholders who work on the company’s various interfaces.

  • Leadership: commits itself to the guidelines of this document in order to reflect the context and objectives, promoting an adequate environment and providing the necessary resources for the development of work in an appropriate and safe manner, in addition to the conditions for those involved to have the knowledge and are committed to achieving quality in services;
  • Employees: must know, comply with, disseminate and proactively contribute to the continuous improvement of QISMS processes, making information accountable and protected;
  • Partners and other interested parties: must know and comply with the guidelines, when applicable, acting in order to guarantee the Quality and Information Security in Polygon’s processes and services.


  • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information that supports the business and company processes;
  • Implement security control measures to protect information from illegal access and incorrect or unwanted treatments, mitigating and monitoring the vulnerabilities of assets through proper management of risks and potential impacts;
  • Ensure all service levels (SLA) assumed with our stakeholders;
  • Predict for the ability to respond to security incidents and ensure business continuity;
  • Respond ethically and responsibly to partners, suppliers, shareholders, government and other interested parties.
  • Communicate, train and raise awareness among people in the organization, providing them with favorable conditions for professional growth and the work environment;
  • Improve in a continuously way our QISMS;
  • Comply with legal requirements, as well as with applicable standards, observing the adoption of national and international best practices.