Use voice to verify a speaker's identity

Speaker identification with voice recognition

The World’s most powerful voice identification allows businesses to know a caller’s identity within seconds of speech, detect fraud attempts and improve call center performance. 

Speaker identification with voice recognition
Identity verification using voice recognition

What is voice identification?

Voice is the key to access

Your voice uniqueness is based on the physiology of your vocal tract. Our technology captures tens of thousands of unique voice and speech characteristics enabling a highly secure and fast speaker identification and verification.

Identity verification using voice recognition

Know your caller in every conversation

Speaker Identification

Perform Voice recognition seamlessly while on the call with a client or from a pre-recorded audio sample. 

Voice recognition for call center to identify speakers faster

Strong Customer Authentication

Ask your client to perform simple voice recognition tasks like reading a simple sentence or a string of numbers.

Identity verification with voice recognition

superior performance

World's Top Performing Voice Identification

Ensure the highest performance for your business and clients with our core voice authentication engine that is #1 in NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation, the most prestigious biometric benchmark.

Secure and seamless customer experience

It takes seconds of speech to verify a customer’s identity. Enroll the customer’s voice with a pre-determined passphrase or a string of numbers. The enrolled voice will be compared with the live recorded voice of the customer at every authentication.

Identity verification with voice recognition

What you'll get

Benefits of voice identification

Call-off fraud

Put a stop to contract denial fraud and know when you’re dealing with a bad actor. Voice recognition helps you who your caller is and gives you proofs to fights friendly frauds.

Improve performance

Skip friction KBA methods and know immediately who your caller is. Let your agents focus on solving the callers problems and see your performance metrics improve.

Better client experience

Offer a better, faster and easier call experience to your clients. Have certainty of the caller’s identity and make it possible to replace the long and unsecured identification steps.

The right solution for the right use cases

  • Strong Customer Authentication

    Protect your business from fraud and comply with regulations, while ensuring a secure and frictionless user experience.

  • Identity Validation

    Create a secure and intuitive customer onboarding experience with voice recognition.

  • Call Center

    Optimize work and costs, while improving customer experience with personalized treatment and faster call resolution.

  • Proof of Liveness

    Make your business fraud proof by using voice recognition to verify your client’s liveness in an simple and secure way.

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