Face verification and matching

Effortless user onboarding with
Face Verification

Achieve higher conversion rates and instant user authentication without lowering your security standards.

Verify users in seconds

Make it faster and safer for all users to access your service, no matter where they are.

Protect against fraud

Accept only truthful customers by detecting authentic documents and their owners.

Deploy in no-time

Just plug and play our API, it’s that simple.

Why brands are using
face verification?

face verification and matching for online identity

Know real customers with

Have the confidence that only genuine users pass your checks. Verify if your users’ identity is real by matching their selfies with their ID documents.

face verification with liveness detection

Keep fraud away with passive
liveness detection

Verify the physical presence of your users with a 3 seconds selfie that can catch modern fraud attempts like masks, dolls, or printed pictures.

Face verification added to a user flow without code

Build a verification journey that
fits your needs

Have control over the verifications by setting it to fit your business case.

Build user flows with face verification without
developer resources

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Verify the age of your customers

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Your data is safe

Our solution is compliant by design to make it simple for you to stay in check with regulations. Customer data is fully anonymized and protected with world-class encryption. On top of all, our technology is iBeta-certified against spoofing attacks.

It’s easy to integrate

Regardless of your project, we made integration as easy (or complex) as you need it. Just choose the integration option you need.

integrate identity verification
Full scale

Have your team completely customize how our API and SDK interacts with your existing system and leverage existing tech components you already have.

integrate identity verification

Copy and paste

Whether you have IT skills or not, integration is as simple as grabbing a piece of code and pasting it on your website or application.

identity verification integration full scale

face verification and matching one pager explainer

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