Identity verification partnership

The trusted identity network partnership

Add identity proofing to your portfolio to answer your client's emerging needs and open new revenue streams.

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Configure user journeys to increase customer acquisition by 40%

Deploy compliant-ready journeys. Save 1000 min.

Lower identity fraud risks by 30% with automated decision making

Biometrid for partners

identity verification billing for partners

Pricing autonomy to run your business your way

Setup with ease the cost of each technology used by your clients. Understand billing with a transparent pricing breakthrough to see the loops where you can save money.

identity SDK customisation

Effortless integration and branding with no extra costs

Add your custom design to a top user experience to boost customer satisfaction and brand engagement.

Identity verification software

Simple account management for complex needs

Adding your clients to Biometrid is simple and pain-free. Create, manage and edit accounts or roles with just a few clicks.

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Referral partner

Refer us to your network of clients and get a commission for every deal closed.

Technology Partner

Grow your product offering and answer your client’s needs by adding our solutions to your existing product.

What you’ll get as a partner

White-label capacity

Adapt the platform to your brand, customize it to your clients.

Guided integration

Integration is a breeze with the guidance of our team.

Native Mobile Integration

Connect to other platforms via deep data connections.

Specialized training

Learn everything you need to know and get the confidence you need with personalized designed training.

Marketing and sales support

Explore our marketing and sales white-label content that will help you close deals faster

Full technical support

We’ve got your back covered. Receive technical support when needed.

Unlock new revenue opportunities like they did

Creating a competitive advantage
with remote account opening

Link Consulting is powering their clients to improve their customer satisfaction and client processing time, by leveraging automated account opening and compliance screening.

2X customer satisfaction

in 3 months


45% time saved

compared to previous

processing tool

identity verification partnership

We verify, you win.