Automated AML screening and monitoring

Automate AML monitoring against live real-time data to perform high-accuracy Customer Due Diligence with access to +1000 datasets acquired from international sources.

Less manual workload

Save time by automating AML screening and monitoring through a simple API integration.

Real-Time monitoring

Perform instant AML checks, and monitor customers 24/7. Get notified when customers are mentioned.

Global data sources

Thousands of global regulatory and law enforcement watchlists and over 100 sanctions lists.

Complete Customer Due Diligence

Screen sanctions and watchlists

Screen end-clients against dynamic global lists that include: Interpol Most Wanted, CBI List, EU Consortium Sanctions, United Nations Security Council Sanctions and more.

Monitor politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media

Identify PEPs by accessing over 5,000 official government structured sources that are placed on auto-monitoring systems for changes every 30 days.

Verify your customer’s identity

Have a complete Customer Due Diligence program by verifying your customer’s identity documents and checking their ownership.

Meet your risk needs with a custom build flow

Build the identity verification flow that is right for you and your local reality. Get the flexibility and performance you need to stay KYC/AML compliant and automate processes for better business results.

safe data ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Security at our core

We use strict protocols that ensure the highest security standards certified by international regulators, so you and your clients stay safe.

Integration that fits you

We’ve made integration flexible so it matches your company. Choose the integration model that you need,

integrate identity verification
Full scale

Have your team completely customize how our API and SDK interacts with your existing system and leverage existing tech components you already have.

integrate identity verification

Copy and paste

Whether you have IT skills or not, integration is as simple as grabbing a piece of code and pasting it on your website or application.

identity verification integration full scale

Ready to comply with AML?