decision automation for identity verification

Intelligent decision making for every simple or complex case

Identity verification that plays by your rules. You create them. We follow them.

Save hours of manual work.

Scale processes to fit more customers

Simplify regulatory compliance for any case

Decisions on autopilot

Add customised if/then/else logic rules so the verification flow takes the decisions you would take – but automatically.

Filter your applicants base on the triggers you create.

Define conditions using if/then logic.

Decide the next step by choosing from a wide variety of technologies.

Adapt to every client’s risk level​

Make decision-making a time saver, not a time-spender. Add rules to adapt your flow to every client’s risk level.

identity verification with automated decision making

Build limitless user journeys without code

Don’t let geography, regulations, documents, nationality, or code be a limit.

no code identity verification with decision making

We take security seriously. That’s why we build automated verification that you can trust.

Security measures

We implemented a multilayered security mechanism to an adequate level of protection and effective safeguard you.

Advanced controls

We’ve build advanced security features so you can have full control over your operations.

Certifications and compliance

All our departments are certified under ISO 27001 - Information Security and ISO 9001 - Quality Management norms.

As flexible as you need it, perfect for any use case

Age verification user flow with decision tree

Age verification for Online Gambling website

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account opening user flow with decision tree

Foreigners opening a bank account

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Ready to make decision making a time-saver?