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This month we worked on:

Updates on version 2.2.19

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VERSION 2.2.19

1. Building a flow is much easier

  • We heard your feedback and applied extensive User-experience research. Our team worked on improving the user experience of the Flow Builder function.
  • You will see some changes in the:
  • The working area of Step configuration. It’s more spacious. Cleaner and more intuitive.
  • You will notice it, particularly in the Form step and the Face Comparison step.
Tip: Now, it’s much easier to set up the Face Comparison step. It’s vastly more intuitive to choose the location of the images to be compared. 

Tip: Choose the icon styles and placement.

2. Translation and FullSDK customization just got a lot more extensive

  • Imagine the customization section but on steroids. You read it right. We reorganized, extended, and improved the entire customization section, so your brand inside the SDK can be represented.

Tip: Navigate extensive flows with ease by using the navigation helpers (center, zoom, and bigger buttons). 

Tip: Edit the typography style, fonts, and spacing.

Tip: Add your own photos and logos and easily visualize the changes and where they are placed inside the SDK. 

Tip: Translating the SDK into multiple languages is much simpler. Add as many languages as you need, and translate every button, notification, and message.  

3. The processes page has improved experience

  • We worked on improving the ease of use by adding new functions, and new visualizations.

Tip:We attached a history of events to every step and action taken. Also, use the right-side bar to access more information regarding the flow, visualize a script, see the log of events or take notes. 

4. The levers for increased conversion rates for Full SDK

  • The Full SDK makeover was focused on increasing usability and conversion rates.
  • Now you can choose the organization of information (one or two columns), see better instructions and access accessibility options.
  • Overall design consistency was improved. Better guidance and more information is given to perform tasks and when there’s an error.

Tip: Your users can clearly see what they must do in the Document Verification step. They can also choose to take a live photo or upload an already-taken one.

Tip: We added a rectangle to help the user frame the ID card inside it and we’ve added a blurred section to make it clear to understand what to do.

Tip: The ability to change the device in which the verification is done, by scanning the QR code and continuing the journey elsewhere.

This month we worked on:

Updates on version 2.2.18

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.18

  • New provider for Face Liveness 2d – IDRnD
  • File validation enhancement.
  • All files and base64 files go through a rigorous validation process to make sure they comply with the requirements. We’ve extended and improved this capability.
  • Added option – start the server without RTM
  • We allow this option for specific use cases where RTM is not required by the client. Biometrid now works, if necessary, without the need for RTM.
  • Filter processes through a ParentID
  • In some use cases, a given flow has child flows. (Parent-child relationship). Now you can filter all processes and see both the processes that result from the Parent flow and the subsequent Child flows.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.18

  • Fixed a bug that was responding with “invalid permissions” when an agent was running an AML check on a sub-account.
  • Flow titles encoding – Special characters are now being correctly counted and displayed.
  • Fixed the Cronjob to delete processes
  • This cronjob allows the bulk delete of processes at a specific time.
  • Fixed the bug that kept the form fields configurations upon changes.
  • Now the settings are correctly updated when an agent changed the field types inside the form creation/edit.
  • Form fields dependencies
  • A field inside a form can be displayed, hidden or change upon an answer given on a previous field. We corrected a bug that prevented the fields that were dependent on other’s behaviour to work optimally.
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VERSION 2.2.18

  • Removed permission to request edit on action – Multi-signee This permission has been deprecated and removed from the system.
  • Update to 9.6.7 of the Facetec SDK.
  • Update impacts API, SDKs mobile and web.

Updates on version 2.2.14

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.14

  • Account Settings: New provider field – You are now able to input one production key for WebSDK and another production key for the MobileSDKs (iOS & Android). This affects only provider FACE01.
  • Backoffice Cookies `secure` attribute – We’ve add the flag “secure” to the Biometrid Back-office cookies.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.14

  • Displaying correctly the triggers’ relationships. There have been several visual improvements between triggers and their consequent actions.
  • “Parent and Child” step relationships – There was a lack of reference to the parent and child relationship in the flowbuilder’s step display. That visual representation has been corrected and all steps and their subsequent steps are being correctly displayed.
  • Multi video conference on the same flow – Fixed a bug that impared a flow with more than 1 video conference action within that same flow.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.14

  • Communication Improvements between Biometrid and the Videoconference provider – Specifically in the offline process.
  • Dashboard counters updated – Correctly displying the number of processes executed in the Dashboard.
  • The field “result” has been removed from the trigger liveness 3d – This is because the actual result of the liveness event is stored in the SDK (before connecting to the API) and would make it impossible to correctly display the conditional behaviours based on the “result”. What one can do is use the field “max attempts allowed” and base decisions (conditions) on that. ex: If max attempts is 3, after 3 attempts the result will be “fail” and run the conditional behavior based on that.

Updates on version 2.2.15

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.15

  • OCR – Define manual validations for ID Documents
  • A backoffice agent defines a set of fields that after being extracted from an ID document, are declared as “critical data”. Even if an OCR is not completly successful due to poor capture conditions or extraction, as long as those fields are correctly extracted, the user can continue it’s journey. This improves user acquisition as it overrides the “OCR fail” result. Obviously, this is an optional setting.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.15

  • Videoconference – take a photo action
  • The take a photo action within the videoconference environment (selfie and/or ID document) is now a manual action. As opposed to the automatic 3,2,1 countdown, now, there’s a button for the agent to press upon optimal conditions.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.15

  • Fixed update process with base64 files
  • Bug fix that prevented the agent to submit newer versions of files within a process.

Updates on version 2.2.16

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.16

  • New provider (document validation) OCR04 for proof of residence
  • Klippa (https://www.klippa.com/) has been added to our list of providers. Klippa will allow Biometrid customers to include automated document management, processing, classification and data extraction solutions in their user flows.

Updates on version 2.2.17

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.17

  • Document Signature with Multiple Users
  • Now, the same or several files can be signed through OTP by many signees. Sequentially or unordered.
  • Dynamic pdf generator on flow builder attachments
  • This is a featured requested by many of our clients and we are now bringing it to life. This fits perfecly in the use case where a Document needs to be signed with dynamic information collected during the customer journey. So you can choose data extracted from the ID document or fields from the forms and place them inside a contract or user agreement. This generates a PDF document, ready to be signed. No more back and forward contract sending or unpersonalised documents.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.17

  • Process details actions not updating on videoconference.
  • Full SDK overall Design improvements (field dependencies, text alignment, disabled fields, scroll top on step navigation).

Updates on version 2.2.12

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.12

  • Cookies banner and acceptance/ not acceptance actions in the back-office
  • New document type – driver license on action document-validation
  • New internal url for the biometrid-rtm
  • Trigger fields on action check – AML -> Example: if AML returns a hit count of more than 1, have a manual check review.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.12

  • Email field on action OTP inside process view
  • Date created on team list
  • Pagination log error when changing accounts
  • New backend validations – when an agent is configuring the flow, it does not allow invalid conditions to be saved/created.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.12

  • Billing access permissions
  • When a videoconference video file composition is not yet attached to the process, the agent cannot validate it.
  • Triggers on submitted files – for the moment, the only available conditional rule is “empty” or “not empty” field. Meaning it can detect and direct the flow based on the file being or not being uploaded to the flow.

Updates on version 2.2.13

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.13

Facial Liveness action configuration:

  • Ability to calculate the amount of liveness action attempts
  • Ability to set a an upper acceptable limit and trigger an event/action upon pre-determined threshold achieved.

Proxy configuration

  • Connection between Biometrid and our providers can now support a proxy configuration.

Access through http

  • Allow in very specific and controlled occasions, the access/test environment in http (without https).

Delete Processes

  • Setup and configure in the Account Settings a cronjob to delete processes based on pre-defined criteria.
  • This does not permanently delete processes but inactivates them.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.13

Major UX change

  • The way that triggers’ are connected with their child/parent actions has been greatly improved.
  • This particularly helps the visual understanding of the flow in very complex user journeys with multiple triggers and conditional behaviour.

Special characters in “label” field type

  • Special characters such as ?!%&/*-><=# are now being counted towards the character limit as 1 character rather than "n".
  • Allowing the 240 character limit to be calculated much easier.

Update step new response type: stepData – Has been changed

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.13

Visual fix – Trigger to previous step

  • Correct display of the triggers’ connections to a previous step.

Bug fix – Action errors during videoconference

  • he agent console now correctly displays any errors (if any are to be displayed) of the Videoconference actions.

This month we worked on:

Updates on version 2.2.11

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.11

  • Automatic filling of provider settings when creating a sub-account
  • New request header for Android and ios Security Credentials permissions
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.11


  • Fix trigger condition on switch fields.
  • Triggered conditions based on operator “value” are now corrected.
  • Trigger condition empty and not empty reviewed.

Flow Builder:

  • UI correction in Flow builder when the steps of a given flow are all deleted.


  • Incorrect text fields displayed in SDK.
  • Communication language set to English (default) when language is not expected (not translated) – Impacts the action “multiple applicants”.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.11

  • Process hash now accepts more fields and the base64 files -> New fields available and the addition of the base64 to ensure process integrity.
  • When process status changes, more fields are being added now (step name, correctionStepId and reason) -> Particularly relevant for when a “Request Edit” function is triggered by a compliance agent.
  • Picture in picture functionality is disabled on video conferences.
  • Label field’s alias is randomized.

Updates on version 2.2.10 👁

Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.10

Videoconference enhancements:

  • Notification about the scheduled call – Ability to configure a scheduled notification to be delivered (SMS/Email) to the end-user, X minutes before the event.


  • Unscaped text is now allowed in labels.
  • Triggers:
  • Default value is now available for fields with multi-select items.
  • Conditional new operator for multi-selects items -> “Contains”. (i.e: if end-user chosen countries are USA & UK, the trigger can be configure to say “if country selector contains at least UK, then…).


  • Design Update in “take a photo” buttons during Document Validation step to match best User experience.
Frame 100905

VERSION 2.2.10


  • Fixed a bug in Safari that prevented the scheduling.
  • Fixed “take a call” button – Upon process deletion, the “take a call” button is disabled.
  • Fixed in webview – If videoconference is rejected or erased, the webview now correctly redirects the end-user and backoffice agent to the process view.

Updates on version 2.2.9 📱

Frame 100905


Full SDK 2.2.9 – Native mobile

  • Latest upgrade of the Full SDK Native Android (java) & iOS (swift).
  • Ability to use the device’s native camera.
Frame 100905


  • Regex Messages – Regex attribution to form’s filters
  • Correctly display default phone country on relevant functions – OTP and document  sign.
  • Official Document Validations with newest ID validator (OCR03).
  • Email templates.
  • Sub-account settings – fixed the “master” role attribution to work as intended.
  • Videoconference Chat Timestamp – Displaying correct timezone.

Updates on version 2.2.8 💼

Frame 100905


Feature – Hide sensible information

  • New account configuration to hide sensible information on the logging system (all backoffice / API / from the smallest field to the entire process)

Feature – Videoconference add-ons

  • Possibility to save the chat messages on videoconference

New Provider – Document Validation

  • A new provider added to the list of multiple providers now allows the ability to validate official Identity documents from +150 territories with more than 10.000 types of documents (Passports, ID cards, Drivers License, etc)
Frame 100905


  • Delete apps and credentials in account edit.
  • Removing new credentials and apps in account edit.
  • Update profile page on sub-account.
Frame 100905


Platform / Back-office Improvements

Updates on version 2.2.7 📱

Frame 100905


Full SDK Improvements

Frame 100905


  • Overall behavior on click on form fields selects with radio button.
  • Sidebar fix on web SDK when consecutive steps have the same action.

This month we worked on:

Updates on version 2.2.6

Frame 100905


Feature – VideoConference

Videoconference settings:

  • Peer validation – A videoconference video can be validated by a peer/compliance agent.
  • Option to save only the very last validated video as opposed to multiple, non-valid, attempts of a videoconference call.
  • Backoffice agent can configure reminder notifications to be sent out to the end user to increase the likelihood of the event happening.
  • Backoffice notification for when the video is being created/downloaded.

Feature – Flow builder

Possible actions when a given flow starts:

  • Splash Screen / Fade-in branding screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Welcome Screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Finish Screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Process Name – Chose what data to use as Process Identifier

New field options in the forms:

  • Type input (text area with max 200 characters)
  • Type text (large text area)
  • Added default value with country on phone and zip code fields
  • Regex rules on fields type phone and zip code (fix)

Feature – Triggers/ Conditional logic

New trigger options:

  • New trigger condition: Video Conference acceptance video (peer validation approved or not)
  • New trigger condition operators: empty and not empty
  • Triggers can now direct the user to the end of the flow upon predefined criteria


Easier GET process:

  • New possibility to get the base64 files (instead of the links) on GET process.
Frame 100905


Improved functionality – Processes Tab

  • The way you can configure your processes list has been improved. The settings now live in the Process list page.

Design Improvement

  • Login/Sign up page
  • Sidebar & Appbar

Other improvements

  • Hide take a call when there’s no VideoConference active in the flow.
  • Async on evidence creation.

This month we worked on:

Important: This update has breaking changes ⚠️

In this new version, we are adding new features that makes it faster and simpler to build identity verification journeys and improve the developer’s work. 

New version 2.2.0

Frame 100905


Feature – Conditional Automated Flow

Upgraded the Flow Builder with a Decision Tree

We are introducing an improved version of the Flow Builder tool that allows you to add conditions and actions based on predetermined triggers. This will help you build complex flows that automate decisions based on the conditions you set up (specific country regulation, risk level, technical requirement).

For example, you could add a trigger that is the “issuing country of the ID document”. Based on this trigger you can set up two different conditions:

  • If the “issuing country” is Portugal, then the next action is a digital signature using the National Digital Mobile Key.
  • For the rest of the “issuing countries”, the next action is a digital signature using One-Time-Password.

The Decision Tree also allows you to add rules for which providers are being used, and automate the actions with start, finish, repeat, or send notification triggers. Learn more about the Decision Tree here.

Feature – Apps feature to make it easier for you

  • A feature that allows changing the active flow without further development.

Developers section

  • We’re introducing a section dedicated to developers that contains all the technical documentation needed for integration and troubleshooting. From integration guides, architecture, database, and security information to API and SDK documentation.
Frame 100905


Improved functionality – Request Edit

  • We made the “request edit” function easier to use. Now with just a few clicks, you can ask your clients to re-submit data from a specific stage of the flow.
Frame 100905


We fixed the One-Time-Password bugs

  • The bugs on the Videoconference OTP action and Automatic OTP action are now fixed.
Frame 100905


Improved UX/UI for the entire back office and the full SDK

We’re working on improving the ease of use of Biometrid. 

And so, Biometrid 2.2.0 brings an updated UX/UI for the entire back office and the full SDK.

The main things you will notice are:

  • Improved navigation
  • Tooltips that help you understand features/functions
  • Overall design consistency
  • The back office is now available in English and Portuguese