The latest updates on Biometrid

June 2022

[version 2.2.7]


Full SDK Improvements

  • Disabled back and menu buttons when submitting a step.
  • Enabled function of setting a max number of attempts for OTP before considered failed action.
  • Display error messages for OTP.
  • Added loading animation on required buttons.
  • Overall behavior on click on form fields selects with radio button.
  • Sidebar fix on web SDK when consecutive steps have the same action.

May 2022

[version 2.2.6]



Feature – VideoConference

Videoconference settings:

  • Peer validation – A videoconference video can be validated by a peer/compliance agent.
  • Option to save only the very last validated video as opposed to multiple, non-valid, attempts of a videoconference call.
  • Backoffice agent can configure reminder notifications to be sent out to the end user to increase the likelihood of the event happening.
  • Backoffice notification for when the video is being created/downloaded.


Feature – Flow Builder

Possible actions when a given flow starts:

  • Splash Screen / Fade-in branding screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Welcome Screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Finish Screen – Enabled / Disabled
  • Process Name – Chose what data to use as Process Identifier

New field options in the forms: 

  • Type input (text area with max 200 characters)
  • Type text  (large text area)
  • Added default value with country on phone and zip code fields
  • Regex rules on fields type phone and zip code (fix)


Feature – Triggers/ Conditional logic

New trigger options:

  • New trigger condition: Video Conference acceptance video (peer validation approved or not) 
  • New trigger condition operators: empty and not empty
  • Triggers can now direct the user to the end of the flow upon predefined criteria.



Easier GET process:

  • New possibility to get the base64 files (instead of the links) on GET process.


Improved functionality – Processes Tab

The way you can configure your processes list has been improved. The settings now live in the Process list page.



Design Improvement

  • Login/Sign up page
  • Sidebar & Appbar


Other improvements

  • Hide take a call when there’s no videoconferece active in the flow.
  • Async on evidence creation.

March 2022


Launch of Biometrid 2.2.0

Important: This update has breaking changes ⚠️

In this new version, we are adding new features that makes it faster and simpler to build identity verification journeys and improve the developer’s work. 

Get in touch with us to know more about how to update to the new version.



Feature – Conditional Automated Flow

Upgraded the Flow Builder with a Decision Tree

We are introducing an improved version of the Flow Builder tool that allows you to add conditions and actions based on predetermined triggers. This will help you build complex flows that automate decisions based on the conditions you set up (specific country regulation, risk level, technical requirement).

For example, you could add a trigger that is the “issuing country of the ID document”. Based on this trigger you can set up two different conditions:

  • If the “issuing country” is Portugal, then the next action is a digital signature using the National Digital Mobile Key.
  • For the rest of the “issuing countries”, the next action is a digital signature using  One-Time-Password.

The Decision Tree also allows you to add rules for which providers are being used, and automate the actions with start, finish, repeat, of send notification triggers. Learn more about the Decision Tree here.



Feature – Apps feature to make it easier for you

A feature that allows changing the active flow without further development.



Developers section

We’re introducing a section dedicated to developers that contains all the technical documentation needed for integration and troubleshooting. 

From integration guides, architecture, database, and security information to API and SDK documentation.



Improved functionality – Request Edit

We made the “request edit” function easier to use. Now with just a few clicks, you can ask your clients to re-submit data from a specific stage of the flow. 



We fixed the One-Time-Password bugs

The bugs on the Videoconference OTP action and Automatic OTP action are now fixed.



Improved UX/UI for the entire back office and the full SDK

We’re working on improving the ease of use of Biometrid. 

And so, Biometrid 2.2.0 brings an updated UX/UI for the entire back office and the full SDK.

The main things you will notice are:

  • Improved navigation
  • Tooltips that help you understand features/functions
  • Overall design consistency 
  • The back office is now available in English and Portuguese


Thank you, 

The team at Biometrid 👍