Certified Liveness Detection

Facial recognition and certified liveness detection

Ensure the physical presence of your client with sophisticated 3D face-mapping. Allow access to real users while blocking fraudsters and bots with the iBeta certified technology. 

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Facial recognition and certified liveness detection

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Learn how passive liveness detection works and why it can't be fooled.

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Certified liveness detectiona and facial recognition

prevent fraud

Know there is a real person behind the screen

Certified liveness detectiona and facial recognition

Keep fraudsters away with a defensive layer that makes it almost impossible to hack. Our powerful anti-spoofing liveness detection technology is resistant to fraud attempts like photos, mask, videos or lookalikes. 

Superior performance

The world's most powerful and easy to use liveness detection

Cross Platform Support

Access all our features via mobile SDKs and a powerful API while webhooks make sure to transfer information between your backend and our system in real time.

Liveness Detected in 2 Seconds

Liveness is detected in two seconds in different lighting conditions and it works with glasses, makeup and beards.

Attacks Resistant

Prevents sophisticated spoofing attempts by identifying and sorting recaptured versions of a person from a live and genuine session.

How it works

Simple, fast and seamless integrated to your flows

Liveness detection can tell the difference between a real person and a copy of their biometric data. The technology observes the perspective distortion that occurs in a 3-seconds selfie.

Facial recognition and liveness detection for identity verification flow

The right solution for the right use cases

  • Remote Customer Onboarding

    Don't stop your customers from doing business with you. Allow remote onboarding without sacrificing compliance or customer experience.

  • Customer Authentication

    Automate and accelerate the authentication procedure and lower the abandonment rate,

  • KYC and AML compliance

    Prove document ownership and physical presence to simplify regulatory procedures and reduce compliance costs.

  • Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

    Stop fraud before it happens. Accept only truthful customers by detecting authentic documents and their genuine owners.

the best of BiometrID

Start and scale automation
with your custom build flow

Build the identity verification flow that is right for you and your local reality. Get the flexibility and performance you need to stay KYC/AML compliant and automate processes for better business results.

Leading technology

Polygon's liveness detection has the iBeta level 2 performance certificate

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