Documents signed anytime, anywhere by
verified signees

Allow only signees with verified identity to digitally sign documents with One-Time-Passwords (OTP).


Have documents signed instantly no matter the device. It is simply integrate into your systems too.

Legal value

Your distance digital signature has the same legal validity as a hand-written signature.


Have the signature secured with two-factor authentication, biometrics and OTP.

Less bureaucracy, more security with a paperless digital flow

Start by verifying signee’s identity

Make sure that the person signing your legal document is the person who should be signing it. Use our document verification and biometric checks to establish real identity.

Allow signees to view
documents and sign

Your clients can sign documents by authenticating the device through a temporary passcode (OTP). The user receives a unique link via email or SMS, enabling him to validate the document remotely.

Finalise with the code confirmed

Once the PIN code is entered, the device ownership is authenticated and thus, the document is safely signed.

Set up digital signature journeys without code

Add digital signature to user journeys with a drag and drop interface that connects you with the best tech in identity verification.

Allow multiple people to remotely sign a document

We’ve create a template to get you started. Even your more difficult use case is covered.

safe data ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Security at our core

We use strict protocols that ensure the highest security standards certified by international regulators, so you and your clients stay safe.

Integration that fits you

We’ve made integration flexible so it matches your company. Choose the integration model that you need,

integrate identity verification
Full scale

Have your team completely customize how our API and SDK interacts with your existing system and leverage existing tech components you already have.

integrate identity verification

Copy and paste

Whether you have IT skills or not, integration is as simple as grabbing a piece of code and pasting it on your website or application.

identity verification integration full scale

Ready to ditch paper work?