Document signature with

multiple signers

Allow multiple people to digitally sign a document.

template document with multiple signatures


Use this template to allow your clients to sign documents that require the signature of multiple people. This template includes two signers: the main signer and the guarantor. The main signer goes through a identity verification process and also provides the email of the guarantor. The guarantor will receive on his email a unique link to his signing process.

The template includes two flows:

  • A flow for the primary signer that contains the following steps:
  • A form requesting the users name, email adress and the second signer email address.
  • An identity document verification step. The user is requested to take a picture of the front and back of his ID.
  • A face liveness step. In this step, the user takes a selfie of his face. The selfie will determine if the user is alive and physically present.
  • A face matching step. The face from the selfie is compared with the face from the ID card.
  • The user reviews the document and signs it using a One-Time-Password (OTP). The OTP is a four digits pin code that is sent to his email.
  • The flow for the secondary signer contains the following steps:
  • A form requesting the users name and phone number.
  • A step in which he views the document and signs.
  • To sign the document, a One-Time-Password (OTP) step is needed. In this step, the signer receives a phone message with the 4 digits PIN that he is asked to enter in the signature interface.

With this template you can configure:

  • The form fields (request additional information)
  • The acceptance rate for liveness detection and document verification
  • Choose where the One-Time-Password needs to be sent (phone or email)
  • The attempts limits and the expiration of the PIN code

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