security and compliance

Security and privacy at the core of what we do

We put security and privacy at the forefront of our business, so you and your customers are protected.

ISO 9001 and ISO 17001 certificates

Certifications and compliance

Our security and privacy frameworks are based on high standards and protocols trusted by international accreditation institutions. All our departments are certified under ISO 27001 - Information Security and ISO 9001 - Quality Management norms.

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Security measures 🛡

We implemented a multilayered security mechanism to an adequate level of protection and effective safeguard for you and your clients.

Internal policies and training

All Biometrid personnel is trained and aware of best practices of data protection (GDPR) , information security and AML .

Information Security Management System

We implemented an Information Security Management System to control all our information security efforts.

Access control

We have established strict access control systems that closely monitor and audit access. We require both MFA and whitelisted IP via VPN for all our employees.

Internal controls and audits

Our workers are subjected to background checks and agree to confidentiality and privacy clauses.

Secured development

Our developers use coding best practices, including peer reviewing and testing all changes. The environments for development, testing and production are separated.

Data encryption

All data is encrypted to protect confidential and sensitive information at rest or in motion. The decryption keys are stored separately and rotated regularly.


Ensure business availability

Our Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan are ensuring that our services keep being functional in the case of disaster.

Incident management 

We have created frameworks for reporting and managing Information Security incidents, including communication about security events and weaknesses.

Privacy measures 🔒

Your most sensitive data is safe. We implement diverse procedures to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

Privacy policy

We established the Privacy Policy in accordance with the EU GDPR regulation.



Data breach policy

Defined action plan for Data Breach Incidents to minimize the threat and impact of incidents.


security and compliance

Data protection risk impact assessments

Our team ensures that the minimum amount of data is collected and that all activities are done in accordance with established policies.

Designed to protect information

We protect your data by using strong encryption protocols and deleting it in accordance with the agrement established.

We use Top Performance Technology

Biometrid is powered by technology recognized by international institutions for its superior performance.

Our liveness detection received iBeta Certification Level 1 and Level 2, making it the strongest against spoofing attacks.


iBeta certified liveness detection

Both our voice and face verification rank number one and three in the NIST Evaluation for Accuracy, one of the most prestigious biometric benchmarks.

NIST certified voice verification

Our digital signature is eIDAS compliant, making it legally binding across Europe.


eIDAS compliant digital signature

Data protection and encryption delivered your way

Shared cloud

Shared public cloud on our managed by us, hosted by AWS.

Dedicated database

Shared applications, dedicated database for sensitive data.

Dedicated cloud

Dedicated cloud environment, managed by us, hosted by AWS.

Private Datacenter

Dedicated physical instances, managed by us.


Hosted and managed by you.

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Is Biometrid secure?

We prioritize information security and privacy.
In this page, we’ve detailed our security policies, practices, and operations. These, together with our company and technology certifications are what made possible to work with some of the largest banking entities in the world and win Governmental high profile security contracts. 

What happens to the client data collected?

The decision is all yours. At the end of the user verification process, you can decide what you want to do with the data. You can choose to collect the information from our systems and store it in your systems, in which case we delete immediately what has been collected. Or, you can ask us to collect the data in our cloud environment with all the security requirements necessary. Neither to say, it’s you that decides who, where and how long the data is kept.

Is Biometrid GDPR compliant?

Yes, we comply with the European GDPR Regulation. Please check our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, Biometrid’s website uses cookies. Check the cookies section in our Privacy Policy.

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