Announcing a new collaboration with a contact center software provider

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We’re happy to announce that we’ve established a new collaboration with VCC Live, a contact center software provider. This new partnership makes it possible to use Biometrid’s technology for a number of use cases in the call center industry, most importantly, related to voice identification for additional security and self-service functionalities.


How voice ID introduces automation in a call center

Biometrid’s capabilities join a long list of areas that VCC Live lets their users automate to ensure agents can save time and callers get an exceptional level of CX. A likely scenario for handling inbound calls using both VCC Live and Biometrid may look along these lines:

  1. Users ring a company phone number handled through VCC Live
  2. An intricate IVR system greets users and gives them a number of options
  3. These options can include getting connected to an agent or handling queries on your own
  4. Selected options lead callers to a voice ID functionality that unlocks extra capabilities synced with a CRM or even payment gateways

This capability needs of course users’ consent and a preliminary enrollment that includes recording voice samples. But having queries handled faster, without any queue, may be a significant motivation for customers to set this up. 


A whole new level of self-operated customer service

Voice ID for call centers powered by Biometrid opens doors to quite a few possibilities, depending on the type of business and the audience.

One of the key opportunities here is that agents can resolve customer issues faster because they know the caller’s details. But, more interestingly, voice ID also leads to allowing users to solve issues on their own, without any agent present. They can modify their customer data, submit personalized queries, or even make purchases, fully self-service. All it needs is an integration with other software that the business is using, for example a CRM, which is of course possible with VCC Live. 


A voice ID trial run is under way 

This voice ID automation setup is currently a part of a trial run performed by one of VCC Live’s customers in the telecommunications sector.

Be sure to let us know should you wish to test this option with your inbound call handling setup or visit VCC Live’s website to learn more about their solution for call centers.

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