We loved being Polygon. We were so passionate to develop solutions that brought together all sides of innovation. That’s how we developed Biometrid. A solution that helped companies know that their clients were who they said they are. We were using innovative technologies to revolutionize the old identity verification methods.

Let’s be honest. How many times have you forgotten your password or got logged out of an account? 

In such modern times we are still using outdated identity verification methods:


  • Do you want to open a bank account? Sure, visit the branch first! And don’t forget your ID card. 
  • Do you want to place a bet on your favorite football team? Great!
    First, prove you’re old enough to bet. Checking a box that says you’re over 18 will do the trick.
  • Do you need to register with a water service provider? Nice!
    The trip to the municipality office will require you to prepare in advance your rent contract, ID card, and tons of patience.

Why is it so inefficient and time-consuming to become someone’s client? Companies would do anything to make you a customer but they are faced with a basic security need. 

They must know that you are who you say you are. 

Identity theft is rising more than ever (in 2020 identity theft grew 73% compared to the previous year).  Portugal is the second country in the world with the most phishing attacks. 😥 With this concerning reality, having to find better ways to verify identities is a must.

It’s time for a change and Biometrid is here for that.

We are dedicated to solving these issues to create a safer world where identity is protected and proven with ease.

For the last year, we focused 100% of our powers on developing Biometrid – a platform that gives companies the ability to know their real clients and protect their identities.

We see Biometrid not only used for identity-proofing but as a platform that makes it easy for companies to implement, manage and scale identity verification flows. 

We want biometrid identity verification to become a standard and a MUST in this new digital world. And so, we develop Biometrid to fully support the entire customer journey and bring tools to make everything simple, profitable, and fast to implement for companies. 

With this tunnel-vision focus on Biometrid, it only makes it natural for us to adopt a new identity that reflects our commitment to achieve our vision.

So, we are here today happy to announce our new name and identity: Biometrid.  🥳 

A more vibrant and upgraded brand. Championing the idea that compliance and identity proofing can be engaging, even exciting to work on! Reinforcing professionalism, rigor, and security.

The rebranding brings along a ton of new product features and a best-in-class user experience platform. Check what’s new here.


Take care,

Your friends from Biometrid.👍

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