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Evolution never ends

A fantastic mission in Customer Support 

My name is Daniel and I am a Brazilian extremely happy to have been found by Biometrid.
Our CEO, Fernando Moreira, has already made it clear to our entire team: We are part of a company that has no geographical barriers and where cultural plurality is present.
My entry took place shortly before the rebranding (check our Rebranding Page), which got everyone excited about the changes, the new look and the feeling of renewal.
I am part of the Delivery & Support department and I work as a Support Consultant, someone responsible for managing the support channels, which is where communication between us and our customers and partners takes place.
My first big challenge in this role was to bring an outside-the-box vision to innovate and transform the way support operations were being delivered. Improving something that is already good is not easy.
Together with my mentor, Hugo Ferreira (Head of Delivery & Support), we recreated the entire ticket handling process from scratch, based on the good and bad experiences of using the previous process.
There were weeks of work dedicated to the development of a new process in which we created automations, calendars, diagrams, fields, filters, flowcharts, notifications, pages, permissions, queues, rules, screens, status, titles, among other different configuration schemes so that everything could work in an interconnected, practical and dynamic way, making our support channels more attractive and functional.
To test all this, we created more than 200 tickets through 5 different customer profiles created for simulation purposes only.
We cut the diamond as far as we can see the symmetry between all the faces, vertices and edges.
We released the new Biometrid Support Portal a little less than 3 months ago and it’s in full steam ahead.
Of course, some adjustments were made after its release, but we are very proud to know that planning and dedication resulted in a new and better way to deliver results to our customers and partners, helping them with the biometric identity verification solutions which we offer.
Here are some stats that makes us proud of:
  • Top performance with 100% SLA met of First Response to the customers.
  • Average of 18 minutes of initial treatment to each ticket.
  • 4.7 score out of 5.0 satisfaction (via survey).
Looking back and seeing how good the renewal makes us is indescribable, but in order for us to have this feeling, it is first necessary to look at ourselves with the fair criticism of those who always seek to be better every day.
Evolution never ends.
Daniel Leite – LinkedIn

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